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The Otherworldlies - Jennifer Anne Kogler Honestly, I was both pleased and disappointed with this book. Upon reading the description, I was thinking it was going to be a super powers/heroes kinda book. Unfortunately, it was just another book about vampires. (Don't get me wrong, I love vampire books, but this genre has gotten so flooded with vampires that I find myself a bit jaded when it comes to this paranormal subject.) However, I was pleased to find that Kogler was able to transform this book from an "average" vampire book to something a bit different. After all, who wants to continuously read the same plot over and over again. Not me.What made this book so special for me is that Kogler shows the reader a different side of vampires by having them have different abilties and traits. I really enjoyed that Kogler was able to wonderfully blend vampire history and greek mythology in order to make this new breed of vampires. For this, I give her many kudos.The plot is fast paced, but leaves the reader asking more questions than were answered. In addition, the ending is left semi-opened for the possibilty is a sequel. Personally, I would enjoy to learn more about this new breed of vampire. I look forward to possibly learning more about Fern and definitely reading more from this author.