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Alison Dare Little Miss Adventures Volume 1: v. 1

Alison Dare Little Miss Adventures Volume 1 - J. Torres, J. Bone Alison Dare: Little Miss Adventures is a collection of three exciting tales: The Arabian Knights, The Secret of the Blue Scarab, and The Mummy Child.Honestly, I went into Little Miss Adventures a little wary. While I did enjoy the first novel, it was a little all over the place for my liking. Thankfully, Little Miss Adventures puts the series on the right track. Each story was a lot of fun to read, and gave a nice amount of back story for Dare family. In comparing the two novels, I must admit that Little Miss Adventures was a vast improvement for me. I thoroughly enjoyed Alison's (mis)adventures, and the humor that is sprinkled in.Alison Dare: Little Miss Adventures shines as an excellent graphic novel series for younger readers. Each adventure is a lot of fun and will have young girls dying for an adventure of their own. If the series continues in this manner, I will definitely be seeing more of Alison Dare in the future.