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The Eternal Hourglass - Erica Kirov Nick knows all about magic... or at least he thinks he does. So when he discovers that his family tree is filled with real magicians, not just the smoke and mirrors kind, to say he is shocked is probably putting it mildly.The Eternal Hourglass, the first novel in the Magickeepers series, was a fun read perfectly suited for younger teens. Kirov blends Russian history and mythology together with our world to make a something completely different. I have seen many compare this series with the Harry Potter series, and I can see why. A young boy who learns that he is part of a magical family... Goes on adventures... Learns magic... you know the story. In all honesty, I had to look at this novel in two ways. First, from the view point of a teen. And second, as the adult reader that I am. From the vantage point of a teen, this book and its series has the potential to be amazing. It features magic and a teen boy learning how to grow into his own skin. But as an adult reader, the novel did not hold my attention the way that I hoped it would. It was a lot of fun to read and pretty exciting at times. I loved getting to know Nick, Sasha, and her pet tiger. They were great characters. But as an adult, I had a little bit of a harder time connecting with the characters since everything was geared towards younger teens.So where does that leave me as a reader? I am torn. On one hand, I really liked the novel. On the other, I wish I had been able to connect with it a little more. I am still really excited about this series, and hope that the second novel will pull me in a little more.