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Nebula's Music - Aubrie Dionne Nebula's Music was a surprising read. Dionne drew me quickly into Nebula's world with vivid and complex descriptions that captivated my imagination. I was fascinated with Dionne's usage of science fiction and actual science. They blended together nicely to create a world that readers will be able to relate to, yet have enough differences to seem complete new.For such a short novel, novella really, this book has a lot going on. The premise was fresh and had just the right amount of elements to make this one an enjoyable read. Nebula's character was full of complexities. From her personality to her loyalty, I loved everything about her. Unfortunately, I wish I could say the same thing for the secondary characters. For the most part, they blended into the background. Readers may be able to relate to a few of them. But my issue was that they simply were not in the story enough to really care about them.Nebula's Music was a lovely novella. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Nebula's adventures and her journey to find herself through music, which was a refreshing idea. If I was to have one major complaint about this novel, it would be that I wish it was longer. There is so much in Nebula's Music that feels like it could be expanded. The novella as it is was a wonderful read. One that fair surpassed my hopes for it. But also one that left me craving more. I wanted to really know this world and its characters inside and out. And to an extent, I did, but I feel like there is a lot more left to be discovered.