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Shutterbox, Volume 4 - Rosearik Rikki Simons, Tavisha Wolfgarth-Simons, Tavisha Simons Review in 75 Words or Less: Shutterbox, Vol. 4 is by far my favorite volume of this series thus far. While the plot does not move forward too much in this volume, it definitely makes up for it by giving the reader some back story. The secondary characters' actions begin to make more and more sense, and we sort of figure out why Megan is at M.U.S.E.Final Verdict: This volume is a wonderful addition to this amazing series. Sadly, there are only two volumes left in this remarkable series. And it is unclear when (and possibly if) Tokyopop will be releasing the next volume. I attempted to locate more information on this series, and unfortunately, there is zero mention of the 5th volume of Shutterbox. So it looks like I will just have to wait and see if this series will ever get its ending.