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ShutterBox Orientation: v. 1

Shutterbox Volume 1: Orientation - Rosearik Rikki Simons, Tavisha Wolfgarth-Simons There are 5 senses inside humans, humans are inside the 9 dimensions, the 9 dimensions are inside the universe, and the universe is inside the infinite multiverse.... and so on. This is the world of Merridiah. A world within worlds that only the dead can visit... except for Megan. She is a Shutterbox exchange student, the only living girl inside Merridiah. Her purpose? To learn how to become a muse, a living one. Unlike the rest of her peers, Megan will be about to use her powers on Earth to physically help others... to inspire them and their works.The world that Shutterbox presents is vast and unique. And its characters are very quirky to say the least. There is the moody and mischievous Dane, the playful A.J. and a ton of other fun supporting characters that will entertain you to no end. The drawing in this volume are exquisite. Megan is almost like a living doll with her clothes being very reminiscent of Victorian period dresses.The novel is a quick and engaging read that will capture your attention with its details and beautiful drawings. Shutterbox is sure to please those looking for adventure in another world and those who enjoy school settings with a paranormal twist.