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The Cinderella Society - Kay Cassidy The Cinderella Society is made of 100% girl power. Page after page of this uplifting novel are filled to the brim with upbeat and powerful messages of friendship, acceptance, and strength. Jess is your typical high school student. She does not exactly fit in with her surroundings or peers, and lacks the general confidence that many of the popular girls have. Everything changes for Jess one day when she finds out that she has been accepted into The Cinderella Society, a secret society whose mission it is to battle the opposing society of the Wickeds.While the novel has amazing messages, I did find myself struggling to finish the novel due to its slow pace. It was one of those novels that while reading I really enjoyed it, but once I put it down, it was hard to go back to. The novel is more about girl power, secret societies, and transformations then it was about action. I think that was what bothered me most... the lack of action.The Cinderella Society is a fun battle of good vs. evil with a twist. Throughout the novel, I was really amazed at Cassidy's ability to continuously focus on girl power and similar themes without it seeming preachy or boring. And it was fun to watch Jess transform into a strong, confident person who believed in herself. The novel does leave some unanswered questions, but there is a sequel supposedly in the works which should address some, if not all, of them.