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Of All the Stupid Things - Alexandra Diaz Of All the Stupid Things is an exceptional look into how the smallest of rumors can have a large effect. Told through the perspectives of Tara, Whitney Blaire, and Pinkie, the reader gets to the heart of the rumor and discovers the truth of what friendships, and even love, means to each of them. At first glance, the three perspectives can seem a little much; however, I really enjoyed seeing every side of the story. It gave me a deeper look into the whole picture. If the novel had only been from the one perspective, then I do not believe that the novel could have been as powerful.Of All the Stupid Things is a novel that will make you think... not only about rumors and friendship drama, but also about what love is. In our society, it is too easy to get caught up in the labels game. Are you straight... gay? I loved that Diaz took on this challenge and showed readers that you do not necessarily have to have a label when it comes to love. The novel shows that, in the end, what really matters is the person.This is a powerful novel. I loved that Diaz focused on showing people the power of acceptance.. the power of understanding. This is a wonderful and intriguing read that will leave readers with fresh look at the world.Readers should be aware: This novel contains scenes of kissing and sexual situations, both of the same and different sex. In addition, there is some minor usage of curse words.