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Alice in the Country of Hearts Volume 2

Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 02 - QuinRose, Soumei Hoshino Review in 75 Words or Less: Despite the amazing start in Volume 1, Volume 2 fell a little flat for me. There was no real character or plot progression. Yes, Alice finds out a big secret about Wonderland, but that is all the really happens. The male characters are still in love with her, which is actually starting to become quite annoying. And strangely enough, there is not one single mention of "the game." Okay second volume, but not the best.Final Verdict: I was a little disappointed with this volume. However, I am still intrigued with the series' possibility. I am really hopeful that the Volume 3 will get things back on track. But if it does not, then sadly, this may be one series that I just have to give up on.