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Love's Magic - Traci E. Hall Love's Magic is a magical tale of love and all the joys and sorrows that come along with it. Celestia is a spunky character who believes that she will never find love. Nicholas is a man on a mission who will not let anything get in his way. And when the two characters meet... there are sparks. Not just the romantic kind, but the "I possibly hate you and want nothing to do with you" kind.Although the plot was very promising, I felt like the novel needed a bit more editing. The overall plot is there, but there are a few scenes that could easily be trimmed down without taking the overall effect away. While the added pages do not harm the novel, it is possible that more readers would find this novel easier to digest with some "padding" removed. As for the characters, they mesh well together, and I loved the banter between Celestia and Nicholas. It was playful, sweet, and downright entertaining. The secondary characters, in addition, add much to the understand of the plot as well as serve a decent purpose.With a few tweaks, this novel could go from enjoyable to outstanding. There is a little bit of something for all types of readers. It has magic, romance, action, humor. This would be a fabulous novel for a rainy day, sitting on the beach, or just when you need a little romance.