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The Espressologist - Kristina Springer The Espressologist is light and frothy like your favorite gourmet coffee. The novel takes some of my favorite chick-lit elements and blends them together in this quick and enjoyable read. While the novel borders on highly predictable, I still found myself fully immersed within the novel. Springer has a lovely way of mixing humor and romance together to where it is just right.Unfortunately, I had a bit of a hard time relating to Jane. She is basically your shy, quiet teen and I am almost completely opposite. However, I loved the moments that she was in her element. It was these moments that really made me like and even care about her. The other characters in the novel were very similar to Jane in their description and actions. It seemed at times to be almost a little stereotypical with each character was filing into their needed role and sticking there. Though parts of this novel fell a little flat, Springer, in the end, sways me over to the cute side with this enchanting, sweet read. The novel is recommended for those in need of a cute, light read.