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Secrets of a Christmas Box - Steven Hornby, Justin Gerard After a waking from their annual sleep, the "tree dwellers" quickly discover that something is not exactly right this Christmas season: one of them is missing. Larry, a snowman, is devastated that his brother is not where he is suppose to be. Along with the help of his friends, Larry partakes in the ultimate adventure to discover the truth behind his brother's disappearance and the true meaning behind the Christmas Box.Secrets of a Christmas Box is one of those feel good, gather everyone around the fire kind of reads. It is sure to delight children with the idea that your Christmas tree and its inhabitants come to life each holiday season. While the story is filled with enchanting moments that are sure to please, the novel also has its scary moments. Therefore, the novel may be best for children ages 6 and up. Despite this small issue, the novel is filled with charming characters and a heartwarming message about friendship making it a compelling holiday read.