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How Not To Make a Wish - Mindy Klasky Still recovering from a horrible breakup a year ago, Kira Franklin feels as if she is in need of a miracle. Sure she has gained an extra thirty pounds, still counts the days since the breakup occurred, and generally feels as if nothing in her life is working. But what do these facts matter when you unexpectedly discover a genie. From the moment Kira meets Teel, a real-life genie, she is sure that things are about to change... hopefully for the better.How Not to Make a Wish on the surface seemed like an enticing read by promising romance mixed with a little supernatural. While it did hold true to most of its promises, parts of the novel fell a little flat. The characters while interesting, lacked the depth needed to fully understand and relate to them. Teel is a prime example of this. As a reader, I was confused by his ultimate purpose in the novel. Is he for comic relief? Or to befriend Kira and make her see the error of her depression? In the end, I was not completely sure since the reader sees so few of him, and his character is never really explored. In spite of a few missteps, the novel was enjoyable and would be a wonderful beach or rainy day read.