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Journey to Atlantis (The Submarine Outlaw Series)

Journey to Atlantis: The Submarine Outlaw Series - Philip Roy This delightful novel begins with something I have always believed:"The thing is, people have never stopped talking about it (Atlantis). That doesn't make sense. Why would people talk about something for so long if it never existed."I must admit that I was very impressed with this novel. It was fast paced, and really fun to read. Al is a very insightful and curious lead character who seems to have this natural ability to get himself in (and out of) trouble. While some of his perils were a tad over the top, I still loved reading about them. Each event is full of suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat. All in all, Roy creates a wonderful tale that is sure to delight any child, while teaching them a valuable lesson or two.