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Private - Kate Brian I have been eyeing this book for a while, but I am just now getting around to reading it because I was in the mood for a quick guilty pleasure read. This books was exactly what I was looking for. It was well written, fast paced, and filled with interesting characters. It amazed me how realistic the characters felt-- they made me laugh, they made me want to strangle them, etc. It was fascinating to get a glimpse into this private school world with Reed.I actually only have two complaints about this read. First, while I liked Reed, her spinelessness, at times, would annoy me. I understand wanting to fit in, but Reed went overboard with trying to please EVERYONE. Then later in the novel, she finally stands up for herself, only to regret it and returns to her spineless self. - sigh -. My other issue is the description. It really built me up for this great big secret, but in the end, all I got was a let down.Other than those two issues, this is a really nice, quick read. I think I finished it in about two hours. I think this series has potential as long as Reed learns to develop a spine, and not be too much of a sheep. A quick warning, this book does include references to sex, drugs, and alcohol, so it may not be appropriate for younger readers.