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The Swan Maiden - Heather Tomlinson This was overall a hit and miss book for me. Upon first glance, I was instantly drawn to it by its lovely cover. I love how the artist plays on the human and swan form. It is beautiful. However, once I got into the book, I learned quickly that covers can be deceiving. Within a few pages, I was overwhelmed with Tomlinson's use of French terminology. It is everywhere. And while I applaud the author for attempting to make this book as authentic as possible, since the original tale has French origins, I fear some readers may be put off by its over usage.While I enjoyed many of the twists that Tomlinson attempted, it was at times poorly executed. Overall, it felt like the author was juggling way too many plot elements. I honestly believe that if some things were cut out, then this would be an amazing novel.All in all, I really did like the main character, Doucette, and many of Tomlinson's twists to this wonderful fairy tale. I would have just preferred to have this novel toned down a little bit.