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Darkwood - M.E. Breen, Molly Breen Darkwood is one of those novels that leaves you thinking WOW! There is so much going on in this intriguing debut novel that I am still trying to get my head wrapped around it. The story has an interesting premise featuring a land that suddenly gets dark for no explanation, an orphan trying to survive, and 2 adorable cats. I really enjoyed Annie as a character; however, I felt like the cats were the actual stars of the book.In addition, I have to give kudos to Breen for the major twist of the novel which includes Annie and her relationship to the kinderstalk. (Did not see that coming.) While this novel was a joy to read, there are so many questions that Breen left unanswered. At this point, it is unclear if there will be a sequel, but I would be interested to learn much more about the world of Darkwood.Breen has a unique writing style that is witty, engaging, and filled with twists and turns. Despite some minor flaws, this was a very engaging book to read on a rainy afternoon.