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A Kiss in Time - Alex Flinn Short and Sweet: I love me a fairy tale retelling. Sometimes the author sticks really close to the original.. sometimes they go down a completely path. With A Kiss in Time, Alex Flinn does a little bit of both. In this tale, the past meets the modern age with a little romance mixed in. Talia, the past... Jack, the future. And when these two came together.. it was pretty explosive. Flinn does an amazing job of recreating this tale into some new and fresh. I have read numberous Sleeping Beauty tales, but not one quite like this.Final Verdict: I really wanted to like A Kiss in Time, and large part of me did. However, the spark that should have been there was for the most part was missing. True, I loved Flinn's twist on the tale. And seeing the "evil" witch in a new light was very touching. But the chemistry just was not at the level where I wanted it. I wish I could have loved A Kiss in Time, but for now, it was a quick read that satisfied my fairy tale need.