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LadyStar: The Dreamspeaker - W. Scott Going into The Dreamspeaker, I had no clue what I was getting into. The cover was quite interesting. And if you take a moment to play around on the book's website, it is filled with girls who give off the manga vibe. Which, as a side note, is what I thought The Dreamspeaker was.. a manga. In a lot of ways, I really enjoyed The Dreamspeaker. Jessica was a very colorful character and her friends and their personalities added in nicely. Scott's writing was simple and well-written, which is sure to please many readers. I never felt like the writing was talking over my head nor too simple that I wanted to throw the book at the wall due to over-explanations. It was a very nice combination.Despite not being a manga, The Dreamspeaker has that feeling to it. Kick butt girl characters who have an adventure.. great friendships.. and a evil villain who needs desperately to be taken down. I enjoyed exploring Jessica's world and hope to see more of it soon.