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Wake Unto Me - Lisa Cach Gothic intrigue, ghosts, romance, and so much more abound in this refreshing YA paranormal romance novel. And by refreshing.. I mean REFRESHING. Within most YA paranormal romance novels, readers are constantly met with the same formulas over and over again. At first, I was afraid that Wake Unto Me would fall into this category. But I was wrong.. so very wrong.Caitlyn has had very vivid and scary dreams since she was young. But not knowing who to turn to, she has learned to keep them to herself. Her friends think she is strange. Her family basically want to have her committed. But she knows that there has to be more to these dreams than what it seems. When a mysterious private school in France wants Caitlyn as one of their scholarship students, Caitlyn knows that she has to go. That her destiny, dreams, and all the answers to the questions she seeks may lie behind the school's stone walls.One of the first draws into Wake Unto Me is Cach's beautiful writing. It flows. It is descriptive. It completely draws you into the beauty of Caitlyn's world. And Caitlyn, herself, is magical. This is no simpering miss hiding in the closet awaiting some prince to come rescue her. No, she is a fantastic blend of realism with a paranormal twist. I don't know how Cach did it, but she effortlessly created a YA paranormal romance that is nothing like I have ever read before. Twists that I did not see coming for a mile away. A romance that is beautiful in its simplicity. Not too over the top. Chemistry and longing that will leave you breathless. Wake Unto Me deliciously combines multiple layers of Gothic suspense with the paranormal for a read that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Every time I got to the unveil.. it was definitely that "Ah!" moment. Which lead me only to question how the next puzzle piece would fit in. Although, there are hints of more, Wake Unto Me ends very satisfying. But with the Sisterhood still plotting behind the scenes, I am very hopeful that I will be diving into Cach's world again very soon.