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Numbers 2 : The Chaos

The Chaos - Rachel Ward After enjoying Rachel Ward's Numbers last year, I was really excited to get back into the world that she had created. In the sequel, we are reintroduced to Adam, Jem's son that we briefly met in Numbers. The year is 2026, and Adam is living with the effects of his mother's curse... being able to see the date of a person's death. When Adam starts seeing a specific date over more than a few Londoners, Adam begins to suspect the worse. But can he stop it in time?The Chaos has a completely different feel than Numbers. While the previous novel focused largely on romance with action in the background, The Chaos is the opposite. The Chaos is a gritty, action-packed thrill ride. Ward definitely did not hold back on this sequel.The Chaos blew me away. Ward's writing style and execution have matured dramatically from one novel to the next. I was constantly trying to guess what was going to happen next. And found that I usually was wrong... which is a good thing. The characters follow this same pattern. While I felt more connected to Jem than Adam, through Ward's narration style, I found that there was a lot more depth to Adam. Overall, The Chaos surprised me with not only the character development, but also the shift from romance to action. Although, The Chaos ends with a cliffhanger, I cannot wait to see what Ward has left up her sleeve.