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Enchanted Ivy - Sarah Beth Durst Sarah Beth Durst is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors of all time. And Enchanted Ivy is a fantastic example of why. Enchanted Ivy centers the tale around Lilly. Her one goal in life? To get into Princeton University. But where as most high schoolers have to pass SATs and admission applications, Lilly's situation is a bit different. She is a legacy. And as a legacy, she must undergo a special test to prove that she has what it takes. Sounds easy right? Think again. When your family is part of the "secret" part of Princeton University, nothing is as easy as it seems.First and foremost, Lilly is absolutely delightful. She is a charming character who I instantly connected with. Throughout the novel, I loved watching her character grow into her own. True, her character begins the novel a little shy and reluctant, but as the novel progress, she completely transforms into a young woman who will do anything for those she loves. And in a special nod to Sarah Beth Durst, I love... love... love how she always incorporates the family unit. Lilly's love for her family is very evident and it makes the novel that much more special. And the other characters? Just as fantastic. One of my favorites being Tye, Lilly's love interest, who can be described in one word: adorable. He is sweet, funny, and his antics added a completely different level to the novel. Like Sarah Beth Durst's previous novel Ice, Enchanted Ivy is written beautifully. The world is vivid, the characters full of life, and the premise is incredibly original. Durst definitely knows how to transport the reader into another world by creating a story that is unlike any other. Enchanted Ivy is definitely one of the best young adult novels of 2010. Highly recommend.