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Secondhand Charm - Julie Berry Secondhand Charm is a charming tale filled with a dash of action, touch of romance, and an abundance of magic. From the beginning, readers are in for a treat as Berry takes them on a grand adventure. And based on the summary alone, I was not too sure what I was getting into. The summary hints at magic and charms, but the novel has so much more in store.Evie is an exceptional character with a hidden past. A past that she never even dreamed she had. In the beginning of the novel, Evie is a small town girl with huge dreams. She longs to leave her small village to study medicine at the University. But due to the norms of her society, this is a far fetched dream... until the King visits her small village for their yearly celebration. This visit, unbeknownst to Evie, will change everything.You see, Evie is a serpentina. A person who shares a special bond with a leviathan, or sea snake type creature. Right from the start of uncovering Evie's true nature, I was in love with this new myth. It was fresh... captivating... and so different. Berry is an extraordinary storyteller as she brings this new myth to life. And I loved every second of learning about the serpentinas.All in all, Berry has won me over with Secondhand Charm. The tale is filled with a little something for everyone. And a twist at the end that you probably will not see coming from a mile away.