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Immortal Beloved (Immortal Beloved Series #1)

Immortal Beloved - Cate Tiernan Natasya is immortal. Having lived over 400 years, she believes that she has pretty much seen and done everything. In her current life, Natasya lives for the thrill. The thrill of the next party… the next drink. Sadly, her life holds no true joy. Just the attempt to mask her dark feelings. On one esspecially dark night, her companion for the last 100 years begins to show his true colors. Frightened by what she sees in him and herself, she decides to check herself into "immortal rehab." And what she finds there is more frightening than anything she had imagined.Immortal Beloved is quite a surprising read. Tiernan deeply impressed me with her ability to take me from disliking a character deeply to rooting for her. For Natasya, this whole novel is about growth. Both personal and emotional. In the beginning of the novel, Natasya has rightly earned her nickname, Nasty. She is basically that. An immortal who cares only for her own pleasure. But all this changes when she begins to fully see the darkness in herself. But it is not until about half way into the novel, her character really begins to make the turn around. Is she a perfect character? Not in the least. But I loved that she recognizes that things need to change and is willing to put in the effort.With paranormal this or immortal that running rampant in YA novels currently, Immortal Beloved stands out for its beautiful writing and moral lessons that stick with readers long after the first page. Immortal Beloved is essentially about the battle between darkness and light. And the choices that we must make in order to be true to ourselves. A fantastic beginning to this series.