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The Stokers Sisters Book 1: Daughters of Dracula

Daughters of Dracula - Kailin Gow Meet Sadie and Alexis. Two sisters who could not be more different. Sadie, the calm, rational one, longs to be as much like a human as she can. Alexis, on the other hand, is Sadie's completely opposite. She adores the fact that she has been turned and does everything to live in the moment... which usually ends up costing her.Daughters of Dracula is a highly addictive novel that completely took me by surprise. With its references to Romanian mythology and Victorian society, readers are introduced to an completely different side of the typical Dracula vampire story. With Gow and her tale, everything seems more realistic... well, as realistic as it can get when you are discussing vampires. Sadie and Alexis are some of the best characters that I have seen in a while. And readers are sure to be picking sides in this sibling rivalry. While there are some slower parts and questionable scenes for younger readers, Daughters of Dracula is a promising start to what I hope will be an outstanding series. Gow takes the old Dracula legend and completely turned it on its head.