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Red Moon Rising - Peter Moore Red Moon Rising is not your typical vampire / werewolf novel. As the beginning explains, there is not only one (homo) species, but rather three. Therefore, these paranormal creatures are not made.. only born. But not all is peaceful between these species. Think 1950s / 1960s Civil Rights Movement, only with vampires vs. werewolves. And in Dante's society, vampires rein supreme. They are the rich and powerful. While werewolves are completely looked down upon. They are the poor, the laborers, the replaceables. And our main character is caught inbetween both worlds.The concept of Red Moon Rising completely caught me by surprise. It is really creative and unique for a paranormal novel. And while I really loved this concept, wish I had known a lot more about Dante's world. Who decided that vampires are the "better" species? How do humans fit into the picture as a whole? There were so many questions left unanswered.What bothered me the most was that for most of this novel, I was not sure of what the main conflict of the novel was. Is it Dante being half vamp / half were? Was it the possibility of having to suffer through the Change? I just did not know what the novel was building up to. And the ending... wait, what? ... there was an ending? It answered practically nothing. Despite some troubles, Red Moon Rising was a fun read, thanks mainly to Dante's Point of View. His funny, awkward personality kept me glued to the novel's pages. And while I was completely disappointed by the ending, there is plenty of evidence that we may not have seen the last of Dante. Which I really hope is the case because I need some resolution to all these questions that I have.