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The Twin's Daughter - Lauren Baratz-Logsted The life that Lucy Sexton lives could very easily be described as idyllic: a very comfortable home with parents that dote on her. However, her life takes a strange twist when one day a mysterious lady shows up at the Sexton home claiming to be none other than Lucy's aunt. A twin sister that strangely no one, including Lucy's mother, knew about. As the tale unravels, the plot thickens in this glorious gothic novel where nothing is as it appears to be.The Twin's Daughter is a beautiful gothic novel that will have readers on the edge of their seats dying to get to the bottom of the Sexton family's secrets. In a novel where nothing is as it appears to be, readers will find themselves constantly attempting to guess how the story will unfold. And believe me when I tell you, nothing about this novel is predictable. Every time I believed that I had the mystery solved, Ms. Baratz-Logsted threw a delicious curve-ball which made me completely second guess what I had already thought to be true. Now, the novel is more than just about a mystery. It is also a love story. Lucy's love story. And it is safe to say that her story, and eventual future, are as much in the foreground as the mystery. Lucy is a delightful character who I immediately bonded with. She is quick witted and humorous female very ahead of her time period. She and Kit, her love interest, provided me with hours of entertainment. Their banter is top notch and had me laughing so hard at times that I cried.The only downside to The Twin's Daughter is its slow beginning. However, I personally did not mind it too much. I enjoyed that I really got to know the Sexton family. From their day to day life to the sudden interruption of Helen's entrance into the family, these details actually made the tale, and later mystery, that much more engaging. The Twin's Daughter is a fascinating look at the influences that outside forces can have on a family dynamic. From jealousy and intrigue to romance, you will find this and so much more in The Twin's Daughter.