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The Kneebone Boy - Ellen Potter The Hardscrabbles, Otto, Lucia (pronounced Lu-CHEE-a), Max, and their father, Casper, are a little different than other families in the small town of Little Tunks. You see, years earlier, Mrs. Hardscrabble disappeared. There one day and gone the next. And what happened to Tess Hardscrabble is a complete mystery. One that everyone is not quite sure that can be solved. But leave to three very inquisitive children to see if they can. The Kneebone Boy is a witty and enchanting novel. And the narration... wow, it is definitely one of a kind. The story itself is told through one of the Hardscrabble children’s unique voice (and I am not telling whose), but as the novel explains, it should not be too hard to figure it out. As a reader, I must give mega kudos to Ms. Potter for the narration. It is witty, clever, and down right entertaining. The flow is perfect. Just enough mystery to keep readers guessing, and what I loved most, I found nothing predictable. The ending completely floored me. I believe I had to read it twice just to make sure that I was reading it correctly.On top of the stellar narration, the family dynamic within The Kneebone Boy is quite astounding. Very realistic and very heartfelt. With each of the children having their own distinct personality and quirks. They fight... they laugh... they bond. It was truly pleasure to get to know these characters.The Kneebone Boy is a novel that you do not see very often. It is quirky, adventurous, has a hint of danger, and was a true joy to read. Highly Recommend.