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Dear Teacher - Amy Husband Dear Teacher is an adorable read with high emphasis on the imagination. This is definitely a read that would be perfect for children either going back to school, or fearful of returning. The novel follows Michael as he is getting ready to return for another year of school. While it seems that Michael is very excited about his new year of year... life has a way of interrupting.For me, Dear Teacher was a blast to read. Very quick. Very humorous. And just plain cute. Michael was a fantastic character. I loved following him on his adventures. In addition, I absolutely fell in love with the set up of this novel. It was very colorful and kept my attention throughout the whole novel.If you are a parent or a teacher will students who reluctant to return to school, I definitely recommend that you should them this novel. It shows school in a really fun and exciting way that is sure to please both adults and children alike.