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The New Brighton Archeological Society - Mark Andrew Smith, Matthew Weldon The New Brighton Archeological Society is a really fun and interesting read for younger teens. When I first opened this graphic novel, the first thing that I did was take in the illustrations. They are beautifully done. I loved how the illustrations are full of contrasts. There are lights... there are darks, and it all seems to fit in with the tone that the novel is currently undergoing. The story itself within The New Brighton Archeological Society was fantastic. It is a mixture of mythical creatures and adventure that kept me turning the pages waiting for more. As for the characters, I liked them enough. But for me, they did not stand out too much. I think my issue was relatability. I did like them, but as an older reader, it was hard at times to find a common ground. However, for younger readers, I do not think that they will have this issue. The characters are very diverse, so I believe that readers will be able to find at least one character to root for.Overall, The New Brighton Archeological Society was really fun. There were many elements for me to enjoy, even if I did have a harder time with the characters. But for younger readers, I think this graphic novel will a blast.