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Never After - Dan Elconin Never After is an action-packed thrill ride. I honestly cannot remember the last novel that made me laugh so much. Never After, quite literally, made me laugh until I cried quite a few times.There is so much here for readers to fall in love with. The plot twists, one of a kind characters, and oh, did I mention humor. Never After is not just about the Peter Pan tale. It is about friendships, families, and survival. When I began the novel, I was not completely sure what I was getting myself into. Read the summary, and you might think the novel is about Neverland (aka the Island) being a scary place. However, this summary is quite deceiving and there is so much more to the tale than that. Now, I do not want to give away all of the Island's secrets, so I will leave that statement at that.Every novel has its little flaw. For Never After, it would have to be its ending. I loved every second of this novel right up until the wind down. For me, it just did not fit cohesively with the rest of the novel. It felt a tad rushed, and not as well explained as I had hoped. You see, part of what I loved about Never After was how detailed Elconin was. So, I was a bit disappointed to have the ending leave me more questions than answers.Ending aside, I honestly do not think that I can put the awesomeness of Never After into words. It is one of those novels that will appeal highly to boys, however, there is plenty in here for girls to enjoy. And it is that very nice mix that really took me by surprise. Well, to be honest, the whole novel took me by surprise. Every twist... every complexity... had me hanging on Elconin's next word, waiting for more. Readers Should be Aware: Never After contains high amounts of vulgarity and sexual innuendos that may be offensive to some readers.