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The Game - Monica Hughes Short and Sweet: The Game starts out as your regular every day dystopian, and then does a complete U-Turn into something different. There is so much that I would love to say about this book. But most of it would give the "surprise" away. So in steering away from that.. what I can say is that The Game is completely different than what I expected. Some of it good.. some bad.. most of it, completely unexpected.Final Verdict: There are books that are completely original and surprise you with said originality. The Game is one of these books. A fun bunch of characters are thrown in together for a wild ride. A twist that is out of this world. The only thing that drags the book down is the ending. Everything has built up to this pivotal moment. You get the twist.. then the novel wraps everything up as quickly as possible and you are done. I really wish that Hughes has spent more time developing the ending. But as it stands, The Game is going to be a hard book to forget.