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Fire  - Kristin Cashore Review in 75 Words or Less: Fire, the prequel to Graceling, is like night to Graceling's day. The beautiful world that Ms. Cashore created in Graceling is still there, but in a different capacity. Instead of Gracelings, the reader is introduced to monsters. And compared to the easy of understanding the Graceling concept, for some reason, the monsters just confused me. Despite this issue, I must admit that the story and characters more than made up for any missteps.Final Verdict: Fire, like its predecessor, is a beautiful novel. And although I did not feel the overall same connection with Fire as I did with Katsa, the magic of Ms. Cashore's writing is still there. Add in marvelous secondary characters and a swoon-worthy hero / romanctic interest, and readers are bound to enjoy themselves in this second installment of the The Seven Kingdoms series.