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The Princess Curse - First Impression:The Twelve Dancing Princesses tale has always been a favorite of mine. And look at that cover! So pretty.While Reading:With fairy tale retellings, I am always a little wary. How much will it be like a previous retelling? Is there going to be that WOW factor that will keep me reading? Questions like this are always in the back of my mind prior to starting a retelling.The Princess Curse was definitely not what I was expecting. The typical tale revolves around 12 young princesses who under a curse must dance and dance every night, wearing out their shoes. The princesses are usually saved by a man who figures out the curse and marries one the girls... living happily ever after.Unlike the traditional telling, our hero(ine) is Reveka. A young girl who longs to be self-supporting. Living with her father, she knows that her future is pretty bleak unless she can find a future for herself. And there is the wow factor I was looking for. I love stories that break out of the norm. A young girl, in a time when women depended on men for their livelihood, taking her life in her own hands. Loved it!Verdict:Although The Princess Curse is written geared toward younger readers a bit, I still found myself falling in love with it. Reveka is a fascinating character. Loved her spirit. Loved her drive to make a special place for herself in the world. Haskell kept me on my toes throughout in her clever retelling. Definitely an author to look out for.