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Under the Never Sky - First Impression:Under the Never Sky is not billed exactly like a dystopian nor is it really post-apocalyptic. It is something kinda in the middle. That middle is really what caught my attention. While Reading:Under the Never Sky is probably one of the best dystopianish books I have read in a while. Even after reading this book, I don't exactly consider this to be a dystopian or post-apocalyptic read. It has both aspects beautifully woven throughout.Aria's world has been taken over by Aether storms. These electric-like storms form in the sky, then shoot down to Earth. Basically destroying everything in its path. To protect themselves, Reverie and other pod like communities are created. But don't go thinking rosy thoughts about these places, nothing is ever a great as it seems on the surface...Perry's world is survival of the fittest. Having to deal with the Aether storms, Perry and his people are tough. Living in tribes, these people are almost nomadic. Traveling as they can to form their own communities. But regardless of the moves, the Aether storms still have found a way to make changes in them.When Aria and Perry finally met up, it was like a bang! These two are so different but alike. I loved their contrasts. Their inabilities to see what was right in front of them. This type of chemistry is what I live for in YA books. It is not an instant connection. It is not over the top dramatic, the 'I would die if I ever lost you' kind. The romance was a perfect balance for me.Verdict:Under the Never Sky is a fast paced, thrilling read that never lets go. Once I was sucked in, I never wanted the adventure to end. And knowing that there are more books to this series, makes me want them even more now. I cannot wait to see what will happen to Aria and Perry next.