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Cinder and Ella - Melissa Lemon Short and Sweet:I do love me a twist on Cinderella. But if you are looking for the story as you kinda know it, you may wanna stop right there. Cinder and Ella does include Cinderella, but not as you might think. Instead we are giving two separate characters, Cinder and Ella. Each as different as could be. Each in need of their own happily ever afters.Cinder and Ella is filled with magic. Our tale centers around the idea that each person has their own tree which guards our their life-force. If you cut the tree down, will the person die? As you die / get sick, does the tree wither with you? Questions like this are throughout the tale of Cinder and Ella. And I found myself completely enchanted by this new twist. Final Verdict:Cinder and Ella was not what I was expecting. While this could have been a bad thing, for Cinder and Ella it was like a breathe of fresh air. Please don't go into this book looking for the classic tale because you will not find it here. Yes, there are some of the basic elements. But this is not Cinderella as you know it. And I absolutely loved that about this book.