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City of the Falling Sky (The Seckry Sequence, #1)

City of the Falling Sky (The Seckry Sequence, #1) - Joseph  Evans Short and Sweet:Wandering around on Amazon one day, I came across City of the Falling Sky. Now, the summary seemed to give a little too much away in regards to the plot (I have edited it a bit for the review), but it still looked like something different. And boy was I right! Gaming... mystery... science fiction... it is all there. And in a nice, clean package.City of the Falling Sky has multiple story lines. All interwoven together in an engrossing way. I must gives kudos to Evans for keeping all these stories lines together and on track. As it is, City of the Falling Sky never felt like it was too much. I loved each character and their story about equally. Although, the Rabbit Man tugged at my heart quite a bit.Final Verdict:City of the Falling Sky is a book full of surprises. Yes, Evans goes a little overboard in his naming of characters. But it does make the book stand out a little in my mind for that. The book ends on a nice note, but it is definitely a world that I would not mind entering again.