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Destined - Jessie Harrell First Impression:Love the Psyche and Cupid myth. With all the myth retellings out and about, I am surprised that this one hasn't gotten more attention. Adding in all the positive buzz floating around, made me want to read Destined all the more.While Reading:Harrell starts Destined off on a positive note. No modern retelling here. The setting is a little vague, but readers get the idea that we are in Ancient Greece. Plenty of mention for all our Gods and Goddesses. Destined was just what I had been hoping for.Until...Psyche opened her mouth. And tons of modern slang started spewing forth.Now, don't get me wrong. I understand that authors want to keep the language relatable to. And I have read plenty of novels that are historically set with bits of modern language interwoven. But it felt wrong with Destined. Does it take away from the book? Not really. However, it was a major distraction that I, as a reader, was not expecting.Moving on.Destined, language issue aside, was an overly pleasant read. The chemistry between Psyche and Eros was lovely. Plenty of misunderstanding. Unrequited frustration. Lots of adventure... all to get back to where they could have been in the beginning if they both less stubborn. Loved it!Final Verdict:There really ought to be more books out there like Destined. Rich setting. Unforgettable characters. Love that overcomes everything. But doesn't go into the insta-love or overly consuming categories. A nice balance.