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Unleashed - Nancy Holder, Debbie Viguié First Impression:Werewolves... Werewolves... Werewolves. This one paranormal creature and I have a very mixed relationship. Sometimes I love them... sometimes I don't. But when Nancy Holder, Debbie Viguié enter into the mix, I know that I am in for a treat.While Reading:Beginning with a tragedy, Unleashed hooked me from the very beginning. We met our MC, Katelyn, as she is living a fairly normal life with her mother in San Francisco. Unfortunately, Katelyn's life comes crashing down on her when an earthquake strikes the city and leaves her motherless. Having no other family in the San Francisco area, Katelyn is forced to move to Arkansas to live with a grandfather she barely knows.Katelyn is a pretty good example of how I like my book girls. Straight forward. Has a decent back bone. And doesn't exactly fall all over herself when she meets the hunky guy (or in this case guys). While I am not always a fan of the love triangle scenario, Holder and Viguié did a pretty interesting job with this one. Trick is amazing. Justin is the brooding, dark, hot and cold guy. (Can you tell already I am Team Trick?) Katelyn, not really knowing either, tended to go with the flow. And while Trick is almost presented as the good, platonic friend... I believe, or at least hope, that there is a lot more to his story than meets the eye. Something about his character just screams at me that there is a big reveal awaiting us readers shortly.Unleashed is a werewolf story. But it is not like one I have read before. It is darker. Hauntingly beautiful in the contrast of its lights and darks. I am fairly convinced this writing duo can do no wrong when they set their minds to it. Every time I am ready to give up on a paranormal creature, they seem to reinvent it in a way that I would have never thought possible. Bravo to you both!Final Verdict:Unleashed has many facets to it. From relationship drama to self discovery, Unleashed seems to have it all and then some. This is definitely one series that I will be keeping my eye on.