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Lost in Time - Melissa  de la Cruz First Impression:As a long time fan of this series, I have been waiting for things to hit the fan. Both plot and character wise. With so many threads going on, I have been dying for the series to begin to climax. And it looked like I may be finally able to get this with Lost in Time.***WARNING***Lost in Time is Book 6 of the Blue Bloods Series. The following review may contain information from previous books of the series. Read at your own discretion.While Reading:Lost in Time, from the beginning, had a different feel to it than most of the other Blue Blood books. In a way, I almost want to say it has that honeymoon feel. The lull before the storm, so to speak. Nothing felt rushed. But there was so much laid on the table. With some answers that I have been longing to get answered, finally resolved.Like all the books before it, Lost in Time is told from multiple POVs focusing on each's plot thread. Jack and Schuyler. Mimi, Oliver, and Kingsley. And finally, Charles and Allegra. While I loved each group in their own way, I was most excited about being able to finally get a glimpse into Charles and Allegra's lives, their past. To be honest, I am really torn on this book. Some of it, I liked. The heart-break. The sacrifice. The continuation of the journey. But the other stuff left me just a little disappointed.Well, maybe I am just more disappointed in the female characters more than anything. One of my biggest draws for the Blue Blood series was the female characters. Strong, independent, their own person. But as the series has progressed, I find that even our strongest female, Mimi, has been brought down.Was it due to love? Being able to find compassion for others? I don't know. But part of the appeal for me was the opposing sides of Schuyler and Mimi. Almost like dark vs. light, but with everything now becoming gray. Did I expect Mimi to go the whole series without changing? No. But I just hate to see her brought down in this manner. Final Verdict:Lost in Time may not be my favorite of all the Blue Bloods books. But I still enjoyed it. The series hooked me in the beginning and I am determined to see it through.In a way, Lost in Time was a build up for the final book due out in 2013. What will the final book hold? I don't know. But I can't wait to see how everything ends.