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Enclave (Razorland Series #1)

Enclave (Razorland Series #1) - Deep below the surface lies a group of people. They are fierce, fearless, and absolute in their quest for survival. A people who will do whatever it takes.. and I mean whatever. In the Enclave, each person has their own special task: breeder, builder, hunter. For Deuce, there is only only option.. to become a huntress. The bravest of the brave. No longer will she just be Girl15, but rather a person of value within her society. But just has you think you have gotten all that you have ever dreamed of, fate has a way of stepping in.It is not every day that you find a novel like Enclave. I am so enthralled with it that I simply do not know where to start. The one of a kind characters? The intense world? It is all so perfect that I sometimes wonder if I imagined half of this book. It is like Ann Aguirre read my mind. She gave me everything that I have been dreaming about in a dystopian novel all in one pretty package. In this world, freaks, kinda like zombies, roam the planet in search of their next meal. Earth as we know it is pretty much devoid of life and resources. This is a world where it is everyone and everything for themselves. And Deuce fit perfectly into this world. I probably cannot give her enough credit. I loved her attitude. Her thirst to prove herself in a world that does not want to accept her. But she is not all tough. She has the gooey inside that makes her relatable to.Enclave is exactly what a dystopian novel should be. It is gritty and down right brutal. And I love every moment of this book. Based on what I have seen, there will at least be a sequel, and to that I say BRING IT ON!