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Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles Series #1) - First Impression:Cinderella was one of my favorite fairy tales growing up. It seems that every time a new retelling comes out, I just have to jump on it. Cinder was no exception. Look at the cover! Plus we are getting a Cinderella with cyborgs! Was so excited for this one.While Reading:Cinder is a fully imagined retelling of the classic Cinderella tale with plenty of science fiction add-ins. One of the first things that I noticed about Cinder was how different it felt from every other version of Cinderella I have ever read. But strangely familiar to another one.Cinder lives in New Beijing. A futuristic world that captured my imagination right away. But left me feeling like there was something missing. Wait, I know! It was the Asian flavor. New Beijing is filled with hints of the Asian culture that never get fully realized. It is like Meyer started to go down that path, but half way there decided that it was best to stay almost a vague as possible.This comes through the most with our MC, Cinder. A cyborg who is presented as basically everything but being of Chinese decent. I found it odd that most of New Beijing's citizens are at least hinted at to be of Chinese decent, yet our MC clearly seems not to be. While her ethnic background does not deter from the story, it was issues such as these that bogged me down as I read Cinder.True,Cinder is a fully imagined retelling of the classic Cinderella tale. But Meyer seems to never let the story go into its fullest potential. It is almost as if the story got stuck trying to conform to the classic tale so much that it lost its sparkle somewhere along the road. Or maybe Meyer just bit off a little too much. Cyborgs... people from the Moon / war with the people of the Moon... A lunar virus... and the classic tale? Just putting all that together seems a little much.Verdict:Cinder may have its flaws, but I still loved this book anyway. Was definitely a book that kept me turning the pages till the very end. And with so much left unfinished, I am desperately hoping for a sequel.