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Immortal City - Scott Speer First Impression:When I first heard of Immortal City, I thought eh, it could be interesting. But once I got the book, reread the blurb, and took a second to think about it, fear set in. Despite my interest and originally being excited to read Immortal City, once I sat down and got ready to read that first page, internally, I was actually preparing myself to be disappointed.While Reading:Based on the blurb, Jackson, the resident up and coming guardian angel, did not sound like an MC I was going to like. The parties. The fame. I could already feel his enormous ego before I ever cracked the spine. So, imagine my incredible shock when Jackson was the complete opposite. Jackson believes that there is honor in being selected as a guardian angel. And while everyone around him loves the lime-light, Jackson wants to focus on what he can actually do to help as a guardian angel. Maddy is not your typical teen in Angel City. She doesn't care about who the "it" angel is. Doesn't follow all the gossip and hype. Her and I bonded rather nicely.Immortal City is told through third person narrative. Giving the reader the insight to mainly Jackson, Maddy, and Detective Sylvester. All leading up to one heck of a reveal. While it all comes together nicely at the end, honestly, I would have probably preferred if the Detective Sylvester chapters had been left out. His chapters, while focusing the most of on the who-done-it aspect, gave the book a sometimes disjointed feeling.Verdict:At this point, I think I have read plenty of angel books. Some have stood out. Some I wish I could forget. In sea of angel books, Immortal City stands out for all the right reasons. Original premise. Interesting characters. Plenty of mystery and suspense. An angel book that I can proudly say I read.