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A Temptation of Angels - First Impression: I loved Zink's previous series because of so many, many reasons. And there was plenty to look forward to with A Temptation of Angels.While Reading:Michelle Zink has a distinctive writing style. One that I fell in love with while reading her The Prophecy of the Sisters series. And it has definitely evolved with A Temptation of Angels. It was obvious to me for the beginning that Zink was trying to do something completely different from her previous series here. And it worked out nicely.A Temptation of Angels begins with a startling revelation. Helen Cartwright, an average sixteen year old girl, whose life completely changes in an instant. Gone is her childhood home, her family, everything that seems familiar. Now as she tries to pick up the pieces of what is left, Helen is thrown into more instability with two brothers with two different agendas.Zink builds a beautiful historical setting. Adding in plenty of twists with the supernatural element. The angel angle is being beaten to a bloody pulp right now, but Zink still manages to introduce some seemingly new concepts to her premise. And I definitely appreciated that.Helen was a character that took a little warming up to. On the surface, there may not be anything extraordinary about her. But her personality and her determination was endearing. As for the boys, I loved how different they were from each other. Darius, the strong, silent type with a chip on his shoulder. Griffin, always trying to see on the bright side. Plus, we have a mysterious addition, Raum. He certainly follows the beat of his own drum. Not completely sure where his loyalties lie yet, but I am sure he will be sticking around to mix things up a bit.Verdict: A Temptation of Angels certainly was different than Zink's previous work. Sadly, it almost felt like I was reading a Cassandra Clare book rather than one by Michelle Zink. The angel lore is promising and differs from others previously read, but the addition of the questionable love triangle and often slow pacing hurt more than it helped. I am really on the fence with this series. Unless the next book's summary really captures my attention, my future with this series may be over before it really could begin.