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Feedback - While Reading:After the killer, and I mean KILLER, twist of Variant, I was on pins and needles awaiting the second installment. Feedback begins shortly after the events of Variant. Benson and Becky have escaped Maxfield Academy, and find themselves on the run. Strangely enough, in the first few chapters, readers are again faced with an interesting twist. Remember those kids that died in Variant? Well, they might not be as dead as you first thought.I loved that Feedback brought me back into this strange, yet engrossing world. But Feedback suffers greatly from a lack of action. There are pages and pages of strategy, game plans, group alliances, but very little actually happens. It was not until later (much, much later, I might add) that Feedback finally got the the point where I felt like I was in familiar territory.That is not to say that Feedback was a horrible read. I liked it enough. But there were more than enough times that I found myself either wanting to quit, or stopping myself from just skimming till the end.Final Verdict:To be honest, some of the problems that I had with Feedback I also had with Variant. I don't mind a book that has slow pacing as long as there is something there to keep me interested. Variant did that with the twist, and all the group alliance drama. But with Feedback, that something extra that I needed was missing. Will there be a third installment? Maybe. But I am probably no longer invested enough in this series to keep going, if there are more installments planned.