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Ashen Winter - Mike Mullin While Reading:After the semi-dropping off ending of Ashfall, I was really excited to get back in to the action. But after looking at the blurb, I was not too sure that Ashen Winter would live up to new expectations that I had for this series.Ashen Winter takes place a few months after the events of Ashfall. Alex, along with Darla, has been living with his uncle and his family in relative comfort. They have just enough to survive, but much, much more than most. However, Alex's parents still have not returned. And through a promise with his uncle, Alex is determined to bring them back, or at the very least discover what happened.In a few ways, the plot of Ashen Winter could be described as Ashfall backwards (minus the post-apocalyptic event, of course). Many of the events that Alex and Darla went through in Ashfall are repeated, but thankfully, Mullin's has plenty of twists up his sleeve. Making a book that could have fallen flat easily, feel fresh and as exciting as the first book in the series.Final Verdict:Ashen Winter was a pure delight. And an amazing follow-up to the awesomeness that was Ashfall. Just when I thought that this series could not take it up a notch, Mullin pulls through with some crazy twists. And like Ashfall, an ending that will leave you dying for the next installment.