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The Rules - Stacey Kade In Ariane's life, survival is determined by five simple rules.Follow these rules, and Ariane can get want she wants: a normal life. A life where she is not constantly looking over her shoulder, or making sure she is following the 'human' norms. A life that does not involve her being trapped in a box because she is half alien.There are some books that you know right away that you are going to love. The Rules was not one of them. I loved the concept. I loved Ariane. Yet, in the beginning, my reading experience with The Rules hovered somewhere around light boredom. Why? The plot line moved so slow for me.The Rules started off with a basic introduction for Ariane, her 'father', and her current life. As The Rules progressed, there were some light flashbacks to Ariane's life before, and how horrible it was. Personally, there was nothing wrong with how the beginning was set up. It was more or less how it moved along. I was having a really hard time trying to put my finger on where this book was going, and when it would start making that turn from basic information to bam! plot changing moment. To be honest, it took a while to get there. So much so, that a one point, I almost decided I was going to mark The Rules as DNF.But I stuck with it, and was really glad that I did. Once the main game changer came into play, it was like all of the pieces for The Rules fell into place. The plot picked up. The action began. The romance bloomed. The last two thirds of The Rules was like night and day from the first third. Final Verdict:The Rules is probably my third alien read in the last few weeks. I have to say that I am really enjoying seeing this trend gain momentum. The Rules, while not perfect, was a great blend of light science fiction and a swoon-worthy romance.Will I read the next installment?Yes, I think I will. Honestly, I am not exactly sure what to expect in the next installment. But I am hoping for more Zane.