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Abandon (Possession, #3) - Elana Johnson The Possession series has been an interesting one from the beginning. Special powers. Mind wiping. Rebellion. Since I first read Possession, I feel in love with this world, and all of its unique qualities and quirks. Abandon is no different.One element that I have loved / hated about this series is the constant change of POVs. This time around, we are taken into the minds of Jag and Zenn. While both characters have enough personality to carry Abandon easily, I found myself wanting to get back to Vi's POV again. Maybe it is the lack of the female POV that I miss, or maybe just her wit and spunk. Honestly, I don't know. Whatever it is, I miss it.As you may know, the Possession series also carries a pretty heavy love triangle. Personally, I like both boys, but have always favored Zenn for one reason or another. With Abandon, I found myself rooting again for Zenn. It isn't that I don't like Jag. I do! But there is something about Zenn. Maybe it is the underdog effect? Who knows. Abandon wraps up the love triangle in a completely different way than what I was expecting. Do I like it? Yes and no. Is it kinda heartbreaking? Absolutely.What about our other characters… Gunner and Raine? Have no fear. Abandon has not forgotten them. Gunner and Raine play a decent part in Abandon. However, in a similar fashion to Surrender, they are more in the background. After three books, if I had to voice one major complaint about the series, it is the POV / main character swaps. In Possession, Vi, Jag, and Zenn were the focus. In Surrender, it was Gunner and Raine. With Abandon, it is back to Vi, Jag, and Zenn. While I love having all these characters, it does feel a little overhelming sometimes having to keep up with so many.Final Verdict:I have loved this series since the beginning due to its unique qualities. Abandon fell in line pretty much how I expected it to, with plenty of twists added in that I did not expect. Especially in regards to the romance. All in all, a solid read that was fast-paced and a great addition to the series.Will there be more?Abandon wraps up nicely, but honestly, I am a little confused. For the longest time, I have been under the impression that the Possession series is a trilogy. However, the ending was a little bit more open than I had expected. Does that mean there will be more? Maybe. I guess I will have to wait and see.