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Sapphire Blue (The Ruby Red, #2) - Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell While Reading:Ruby Red first introduced reader to Gwen and the Circle of Twelve. The Twelve’s talent? Time travel.Words cannot describe how much I adore this series. I thought I loved Ruby Red. But Sapphire Blue blows the first book out of the water. With the second book in the series, the story really starts to unfold, questions begin to find their answers. Secrets are revealed. But when nothing is as it seems, who can be trusted?In Sapphire Blue, readers are again introduced to Gwen, Gideon, and the gang. Gwen still is an outsider looking in. Trying to figure out exactly how she, as the Ruby, is suppose to fit into the bigger picture. Gideon, oh, Gideon. You showed a lot of promise in Ruby Red. But in Sapphire Blue, I fear, you may have started to show your true colors. I am so torn with him! Okay, so Gwen and Gideon are not the perfect couple. Gwen: too goofy. Gideon: too serious. But their chemistry, when present, is nice. I adored their interactions in Ruby Red. But in Sapphire Blue, it is like they have reached the point of no return. Misunderstandings. Jealousy. It may be too soon to really sort out my feelings for this romance.Romance, and my conflicting feelings aside, Gier knows how to write a page turner. Gier has this amazing talent of adding in subtle details. In addition to the main story, pieces of additional information have been planted. A family tree. Historical documents. Quotes from classical pieces. Every little extra detail adds another level of depth, a better understanding to this world.Final Verdict:After loving Ruby Red, I had high expectations for its sequel. Sapphire Blue lived up to everyone of them. The chemistry of the characters. The are they / are they not questions of the romance. The secrets and betrayals. It kept me on the edge of my seat. I did not want to stop reading this one. So, pull up a chair. Clear your schedule. I promise you once you start Sapphire Blue, you will not want any distractions.