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Evernight (Evernight Series #1)

Evernight - Claudia Gray Evernight is a fun take on star-crossed lovers... vampire style. Despite a slowish beginning, the novel has a edgy, dark feel to it which pairs perfectly with the vampire theme. The novel is told in the 1st person narration with Bianca as a pretty reliable narrator. She is an interesting character with lots of promise for development in future novels. My only issue with her is that about half way through the novel she has a shift. While there are a few hints as to her knowledge of this development, as a reader it is hard to accept. I believe that Gray meant for this reveal to be a nice surprise and twist, and for the most part it was. However, I think it could have been executed better.What made Evernight so special for me was the mixing of vampire mythology. Gray takes a few essential vampiric elements and mixes them with her own views of vampires to make a nice mix of old and new. The reader will be drawn into the novel with the promise of the familiar and stay for the newness that Gray presents.While there are some flaws to this novel, it is not without promise. Bianca and Lucas are an intriguing couple, to say the least, that have more than a few "issues" to overcome if they ever want to live happily ever after. This novel is a wonderful twist on vampire lore, and I am looking forward to more novels by Claudia Gray.